Relationship of Curtis Lynn Older
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

(30 Nov 1874 to 24 Jan 1965)

Curtis Lynn Older is a
10th cousin of Sir Winston Churchill

The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings.
The inherent blessing of Socialism is the equal sharing of misery.
Winston Churchill

Relationship of Winston Churchill to Henry Howland:

1) Henry Howland married Margaret Alice Aires
2) Arthur Howland (son) married Margaret Reed Walker
3) Deborah Howland (grand-daughter) married John Smith
4) Hassadiah Smith (great-grand-daughter) married Jonathan Russell
5) Deborah Russell (2-great-grand-daughter) married Benjamin Allen
6) Dorothy Allen (3-great-grand-daughter) married William Wilcox
7) William Wilcocks (4-great-grandson) married Sarah Smith
8) David Willcox (5-great-grandson) married Anne Barker
9) Clarisse Willcox (6-great-grand-daughter) married Ambrose Hall
10) Clarissa Hall (7-great-grand-daughter) married Leonard Walter Jerome
11) Jeanette Jerome (8-great-grand-daughter) married Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill
12) Sir Winston Churchill (9-great-grandson)

Relationship of Curtis Lynn Older to Henry Howland:

1) Henry Howland (1565 to 1635) married Margaret Alice Aires
2) John Howland (son) (1592 to 1672) married Elizabeth Tilley
3) Desire Howland (grand-daughter), married John Gorham
4) Shubael Gorham (great grandson), married Puella Hussey
5) Lydia Gorham (2-great-grand-daughter) married Joseph Worth Senior
6) Joseph Worth Junior (3-great-great grandson) married Judith Starbuck
7) Charles Worth (4-great grandson) married Elizabeth Frey
8) John Worth (5-great grandson) married Julia Ann Drysdale
9) Chesterfield Worth (6-great grandson) married Lucy Jane Harmison
10) Ethel Leona Worth (7-great granddaughter) married Roy Burton Older
11) Truxton James Older (8-great grandson) married Mavis Lorene Gouty
12) Curtis Lynn Older (9-great grandson) married Linda Sue Osborn
13) Rachael Lynn Older (10-great grand-daughter)

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