456. Documentation for John Jacob Link
(20 Oct 1682 to Apr 1738)
father of John Adam Link I
(13 Oct 1721 to 24 Apr 1805)

John Jacob Link, Sixth Great Grandfather of Curtis Lynn Older:

1) John Jacob Link, husband of Anna Magdalena Neuwirth, parents of John Adam Link I
2) John Adam Link I, husband of Maria Elizabeth Miller, parents of John Adam Link II
3) John Adam Link II, husband of Jane Ogle, parents of Elizabeth Ann Link
4) Elizabeth Ann Link, wife of George Fox, parents of John L Fox
5) John L Fox, husband of Susannah Hillegas, parents of Daniel Alexander Fox
6) Daniel Alexander Fox, husband of Elizabeth Jane Ricketts, parents of Ethel Belle Fox
7) Ethel Belle Fox, wife of Robert William Gouty, parents of Mavis Lorene Gouty
8) Mavis Lorene Gouty, wife of Truxton James Older, parents of Curtis Lynn Older

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John Jacob Link (Hanss Jacob Linckh) was born October 20, 1682, in Grossgartach, Germany.
(1) (St. Lorenz Protestant Church record in Grossgartach.)

He was baptized there with Jacob Flinspach and John George (Hanss Jorg) Karsnagel as godparents.

John Jacob Link was the first Link of record in America except for one. A Johan Wilhelm Linck, indentured to the English, with some 3,300 others, came to America to make pitch for the British Navy in 1710. Siee ibit., p. 23.

John Jacob Link married first Elizabeth Konig, daughter of Jacob Konig. They were married at Grossgartach, Germany, on November 26, 1708.(X1) Elizabeth Konig Link died March 25, 1720, at Grossgartach and was buried there March 29. On September 3, 1720, John Jacob Link married Anna Magdalena Neuwirth at Biberach.*5

(*5 - Paxson Link note - Certified copy of the marriage record is in the archives of the history.)

Anna was the daughter of Jeremias and Margaretha Neuwirth. She was born at Biberach on August 13, 1692. Her parents also were born there. Anna's paternal grandfather was Bernhardt Neuwirth, Burgomaster of the town. He mother's father was Hans Christ, citizen of Biberach. He was probably the Hans Adam (John Adam) Christ, who was godfather to her firstborn, whom she named John Adam. The record plainly shows the godfather to be Johann Adam Christ of biberach.

Anna Katharina Renz, wife of Just Renz, and Magdalena Sinns, daughter of Jakob Sinns, were godparents.

John Jacob Link, with Anna Magdalena (Ana Madlena), his wife, and their four children, landed at Philadelphia, on August 28, 1733. They came from Grossgartach, Germany, down the Rhine to Rotterdam, where they boarded the English ship, "Hope." Daniel Reid was the ship's master. The "Hope" put out to Cowes, England, before crossing the Atlantic. See the ship's record of the immigrants in the Pennsylvania archives, and in
Rupp's and Strassburger's lists.

John Jacob Link and ? ? were the parents of six children:(X22)

i. John Adam Link, born October 13, 1721, at Grossgartach. Birth record is from St. Lorenz Church. He was in the ship's list and is found in American records.

John Jacob Link, born February 2, 1724, at Grossgartach and died there August 31, 1724. Record is from St. Lorenz Church.

Rosina Link, born about 1726 at Grossgartach. She was in the ship's list and is found in American records.

Maria Katharine Link, born February 1, 1728, at Grossgartach. Birth record is from St. Lorenz Church. She is found in American records but was not in the ship's list because her age probably obviated the need for passage money.

Anna Maria Magdalena Link, born March 7, 1731, at Grossgartach. Birth record is from St. Lorenz Church. She is found in American records but not in the ship's list, for the same reason that her sister above was not.

vi. John Matthias Link
, born February 11, 1737, in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Birth date is from his tombstone. He is found in Lutheran records as the son of John Jacob.

John Jacob Link died in April 1738 in Berks County, Pennsylvania.(X8)

The place of burial probably was
his farm according to Paxson Link.(24)

Anna Magdalena Link died in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and is probably buried in St. Joseph Lutheran and Reformed Churchyard in Pike Township according to Paxon Link.

The Descent of President Dwight David Eisenhower from John Jacob Link:

1. John Jacob Link and his wife. Anna Magdalena Neuwirth, were the parents of John Matthias Link.

2. John Matthias Link and Anna Mary Christina Schmit, had 10 children, one of which was Peter Link who was born in Frederick County, Maryland, 26 May 1765.

3. Peter Link had a son William Link, born 24 October 1795, in Augusta County, Virginia.

4. William Link had a daughter, Elizabeth Ida (Juda) Link, who married Simon P. Stover.

5. Simon P. Stover and Elizabeth Ida (Juda) Link had a daughter, Ida Elizabeth Stover, who married David Jacob Eisenhower.

6. David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Elizabeth Stover were the parents of
Dwight David Eisenhower.

The 1810 U. S. Census for Virginia, Jefferson County, lists the Adam Link household.(26)

The census lists one male under age 10, one male age 16 through 25, and one male age 45 or over. Females included one age 10 through 15, one female age 16 through 25, and one female age 45 or over.

The 1820 U. S. Census for Virginia, Jefferson County, Lee Township, lists the Adam Link household.

Adam Link was listed as a farmer. Household members included one male of age 16 and under 26; one male of age 45 and upwards; one female of age 16 and under 26; and one female of age 45 and upwards. The household included 6 male slaves and 4 female slaves.

The 1830 U. S. Census for Virginia, Jefferson County, Adam Link household, lists one male of age 70 and under 80 and one female of age 60 and under 70. These ages would fit with the birthdates of John Adam Link II and Jane (Ogle) Link.

Descendants of John Jacob Link - website of the organization devoted to descendants of John Jacob Link

Ancestors of John Jacob Link, according to Paxson Link(MJ):

1. Bernhardt Linck III - born at Heilbronn May 24, 1647. Became a blacksmith and built a house at Grossgartach still inhabited by his descendatns in 1951.

Michael Linck II - born 1619 at Faurndau. As a fatherless youth went to Heilbronn to live with an uncle, Jorg Linck. Later lived in various places and finally Grossgartach, where he died April 1, 1674.

Michael Linck - born 1600 at Pforzheim, moved to Faurndau when young and married there. Died in war when about 20 years old.

Bernhardt Linck II - christened December 10, 1564, at Neuenstadt, and after reaching manhood, went to Pforzheim and became a Protestant.

Sebastian Linck - head of the Wine Cellar at the Court at Schontal; married Maria Hausser, June 22, 1563; died December 28, 1567. Educated at Heidelberg and Tubingen.

Bernhardt Linck I - administrator of the Court of Schontal, married befor 1540. Educated at Heidelberg.

Hans Linck III - owned land on Kocher River near wimpfen and paid taxes to Charles V and to Turks.

Dieter Linck - in 1472 was Treasurer of Wimpfen and in 1477 was Member of Council.

Hans Linck II - mentioned in 1439 Wimpfen Court Archives.

Hans Linck I - born about 1370. Made loans to City of Wimpfen and various individuals in 1417 and after.

Children (Link):

i. John Adam, born October 13, 1721

John Jacob Link, born February 2, 1724

Rosina Elizabeth, born 1726

Mary Katherine, born February 1, 1728

Mary Magdalena, born March 7, 1731

John Matthias, born February 11, 1737


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The following books discuss Link and Ogle genealogies:

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Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots Record about Adam LINK
Name: Adam LINK
Cemetery: Luth Cem
Location: Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co WV 42
Reference: Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.3, p.  Serial: 10675; Volume: 7

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