Documentation for Robert Tilley
(circa 1540 to Feb 1612/3)
father of John Tilley
(Bef 19 Dec 1571 to Jan - Mar, 1620/1)

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Robert Tilley was the father of eight children.

John Tilley - son of Robert and Elizabeth Tilley.
BAPTIZED:  19 December 1571, Henlow, Bedford, England, son of Robert and Elizabeth (---) Tilley.

DIED:  the first winter, between January and March, 1620/1, Plymouth

MARRIED:  Joan (Hurst) Rogers, 20 September 1596, Henlow, Bedford, England, widow of Thomas Rogers (no relation to Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower), and daughter of William and Rose (---) Hurst.

*Note.  Joan (Hurst) Rogers had a daughter Joan Rogers by her first marriage, bp. 26 May 1594, Henlow, Bedford, England.  Joan married Edward Hawkins, probably a brother of her half-brother Robert's wife Mary Hawkins.

23 October 1597, Henlow, Bedford, England
died young
26 August 1599, Henlow, Bedford, England
28 February 1601/2, Henlow, Bedford, England
25 November 1604, Henlow, Bedford, England
Mary Hawkins in Bedford, England
30 August 1607, Henlow, Bedford, England
21 December 1687, Swansea, MA
John Howland, cir 1625, Plymouth


John Tilley, his wife Joan (Hurst) Rogers, and daughter Elizabeth came on the Mayflower. John and Joan died the first winter, but Elizabeth lived, married John Howland, and had eleven children. John's brother Edward Tilley came with wife Ann Cooper on the Mayflower as well.

John Tilley did not marry Prijntgen (Elizabeth) van der Velde in Holland.  That was easily disproved in Mayflower Descendant 10:66-67, and by the subsequent identification of Joan (Hurst) Rogers.  Also note that the article in the Mayflower Quarterly 49:16+ entitled "John Tilley Jr, 1599-1636" presents a theory as to what happened to John Tilley's son John, but the article has been criticized as presenting no proof but just speculations (Wakefield in MD 43:76; Stratton p. 362).

John's wife Joan is the daughter of William Hurst and Rose (---). William was born c1530, and died before 1571. He lived in Henlow, Bedford, England. Joan Hurst was baptized in Henlow, Bedford, England on 13 March 1567/8. She married first Thomas Rogers (no known relation to Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower), and second John Tilley.

The known ancestry of John Tilley is as follows (from The American Genealogist 52:198-208):

Henry Tilley, b. c1465, d. 1520 === Johan (---)
Thomas Tilley, b. c1490, d. 1556 === Margaret (---)
William Tilley, b. c1515, d. Jan. 1578/9 === Agnes (---)
Robert Tilley, b. c1540, d. Feb. 1612/3 === Elizabeth (---)
John Tilley, Mayflower passenger

John Tilley came on the Mayflower with his wife Joan and daughter Elizabeth.  John's brother Edward Tilley also came on the Mayflower.  

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Henry Tilley - was born about 1465 and died on 1 Sep 1520 .
Henry married Johan.

Henry - The TILLEY family came from England, on the Mayflower, with the HOWLAND family. John Tilley, a great-great grandchild of Henry, and his daughter Elizabeth, who married John Howland, and his wife Joan, were three of the passengers on he Mayflower in 1620 and settled in Plymouth, Mass.

2. Thomas Tilley - was born in 1490 in Henlow England and died on 21 Aug 1556 . He was the son of Henry Tilley.
Thomas married Margaret. Margaret was chr. in 1556.

(Quick Family Chart)
was born about 1515 and died on 21 Jan 1578 in Henlow England . See #3. below
William Tilley

3. William Tilley - was born about 1515 and died on 21 Jan 1578 in Henlow England . He was the son of Thomas Tilley.
William married Agnes.

William - occupation: Husbandman -
(Quick Family Chart)
was born in 1540 and died Feb 1611/1612 in Henlow England . See #4. below
Robert Tilley

4. Robert Tilley - was born in 1540 and died Feb 1611/1612 in Henlow England . He was the son of William Tilley.
Robert married Elizabeth in 1570 in Henlow England.

Robert - occupation: Yeoman -
(Quick Family Chart)
was chr. on 19 Dec 1571 and died in 1621 in Plymouth, Mass . See #5. below
John Tilley